Why Is The Birkin Bag So Popular Solving The Mystery

Yes, ladies, we are talking about “The” famous Birkin Bag, the bag that is known for its class among handbags.  The Birkin bag has attained the status of “Must Have” accessory, of course, why not? There are endless reasons for that. The handmade leather bag by Hermes is being named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. Let us spill some beans on its popularity because it has been reigning women’s handbag collection from ages now.  The history goes back to 1983 when the Hermes ‘Chief executive Jean Louis Duman was traveling from Paris to London, he happened to be seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight. According to the informational sources, when the actress placed her traveling bag on the overhead compartment, the items of her handbag fell out on the deck which left her puzzled. At that moment, she expressed her concern over finding the right leather bag and the rest is history. The Birkin Bag has always been in vogue for all the right reasons. Being the symbol of class and wealth, you will not find a single high-status celebrity without this piece of beauty even Victoria Beckham has more than 100 in her handbag collection. No wonder its prices range from US$11,900 to $300,000. The quality of the leather and in some cases the exotic leather justify the price.

Here we have penned down some reason why Birkin bag is a big deal and why you should invest in this craftmanship bag.

  1. The Quality

Yes, the first thing comes on the list is the quality which is exceptional and unmatched to date.  The quality is the reason why this bag is still popular among fashionista. The high-quality leather and the exotic skins are being used to make it stand out. The bags are made by a highly trained worker in very small quantity and distributed to the Hermes boutique making it difficult for anyone to guess when the Birkin Bags will be available in the market which creates the factor of exclusivity and low supply further enhancing the demand. It is not easy to get your hands on as you can be put on the waiting list for that matter.

  1. Marketing is not an issue

You will be surprised to know that Hermes does not even need to design a marketing strategy for the bag not even on ever-expanding social media platforms. And the reason is very clear because they don’t need to promote Birkin as the bag already enjoys the privilege of being prestige. Since the bag is not readily available in the market making it commodity hard to get and greatly desired and that makes sense why there are waiting lists.

  1. Work hard to get it

Buying a Birkin bag is not like buying a regular branded bag out of the market. Trust us, it is not that simple. You cannot enter into a Hermes boutique and pick up the bag and walk out. In order to have a Birkin bag, you must develop your relationship to be on the waiting list as the bag is not available openly in the market.  Being exclusive is helping the brand to maintain its status among the brands.

All these above discussed traits are keeping the Birkin bags on the top of the list. No matter how jam-packed luxury handbag market is, Hermes Birkin bags will never go out of fashion because it has earned its rightful status among its customers because of the history associated with it.

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